Publikation: Vienna Design Week Review

Worldclass-Wieden-Tour (Text: VDW, Fotos: Florian Rainer/kollektiv fischka, 2014)

“(…) in close cooperation with Caritas Vienna, where the designers worked together with a flat-sharing community of unaccompanied minors, young people mostly of Afghan origin. The aim was to bring the latter together with residents of the district and encourage an exchange. “Show me your district, I’ll show you mine” was the motto of the tour (together with festival visitors), which produced a lively exchange of life stories and cast light on different perspectives. Everyone then got together for a sausage snack and was invited to learn more (…)”



THE GREAT VIENNESE CAFÉ: A LABORATORY, ed. by MAK & departure, texts by Thomas Geisler, Bettina Leidl, Markus F. Peschl/ Thomas Fundneider, Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, mit 21 Projekttexten; Interviews with Gregor Eichinger uand eight Viennese waiters, de/en, 184 pages, MAK / departure / Metroverlag, Wien 2012; 19,90 € at MAK Design Shop


Presse: Falter City Magazine

DIY Footmat (Text: Christoph Wurmdobler, Foto: Katharina Gossow, 2013)


Catalogue: WerkstadtVienna. Design engaging the city

(by MAK/Museum for Applied Arts & VDW, 2013)

“(…) fascinated by Erwin Perzy’s workshop – filled as it is with collected curios and artefacts. There are parallels here with the 19th century obsession with collection ant the earlier barock wunderkammer–the display cases where people used to show their collections of more or less valuable objects (…)” WerkStadt Vienna DESIGN ENGANGING THE CITY ed. by MAK & VIENNA DESIGN WEEK wih texts by Thomas Geisler, Lilli Hollein, Sophie Lovell, Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, MAK Wien 2012 and authors

Presse: der Standard, Rondo

So sieht man sich wieder (by Michael Hausenblas, 2012)

(…) befüllt in ihrem Beitrag die Schneekugel der Firma Erwin Perzy unter anderem mit Alltagsgegenständen und bricht dabei die lieblichen Szenarien mit Schmäh auf.”


Cityguide: A Taste of Austrian Design & Lifestyle

(by Austrian Board of Tourism, Production: Nectar & Pulse, 2012)


Publication: 10+1 – Talents Messe Frankfurt

11 Years of Young Design in Progress (Editor: Hansjerg Maier-Aichen, 2012)

“(…) a selection of outstanding design projects of the past eleven years, allowing readers to trace the development lines of young designers in a set timeframe (…) focus on unusual products and initiatives which chafe against the background of frequently repeated productions, which challenge, add to, counteract, unmask and reject existing models of the markets.” 10 +1 – Talents Messe Frankfurt, German / English, ISBN 978-3-89986-178-5, 256 pages, hardcover


outstanding artist award 2012 – Experimental Design

publication by Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture, 2012)

“Julia Landsiedl’s project not only proves that it can be better to repair an old thing than to buy a new one. It is an inventive combination of old and new production processes, which shows that old techniques and new technologies can co-exist. The Old is appreciated, without blocking the New (…) The project is the optimistic view of of a world, in which there is enough space even for the marginal.” (jury statement)


Presse: Graphische Revue

Design (er- und be)forscht (by Christian Gutschi, 2012)


Art & Design – Inauguration (PL)

(publication by Design Centrum Kielce, 2012)