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Where? Hofmobiliendepot, Vienna
Opening? March 2020

The exhibition on the famous model railways of the Märklin company does not concentrate so much on the railway itself as on the architecture, which here, “en miniature”, gives the supposedly small-town image of model railways a radical dusting-off treatment.

The project “märklinMODERNISM” shows for the first time the extent to which architecture really inspired model railway fans. Along with the tracks, modern villas and high-rise buildings – often way-out, avant-gardist buildings – invaded the hobby basements and children’s rooms of the time of the economic miracle. For a few schillings or D-marks, do-it-yourself fans knocked together a villa to the scale of 1:87, or a petrol station with a cool building style that wouldn’t be out of place in the far-flung prairies of the USA.

EXHIBITON DESIGN: BARBARA KRAFFT – Porträtistin der Mozartzeit

Wo? Salzburgmuseum
Wann? 9. November 2019 - 9. Februar 2020

The Salzburg Museum owns an outstanding and very comprehensive collection of works by the portraitist Barbara Krafft. As an artist unrivalled by her peers during her lifetime, it has been our long cherished wish to devote a solo exhibition to her. In accordance with the Salzburg Museum’s yearly motto Illustrious Guests, works from all stations in Barbara Krafft’s life will be assembled here: Vienna – Salzburg – Prague – Salzburg – Bamberg. Barbara Krafft found a rich range of tasks in these former residence cities: from the high nobility, the clergy and academe to the burgher class. Sadly, hardly any examples of her Holländer Stücke (“Dutch Pieces” – studies of the rural milieu) and none of her pictures based on Greek mythology have not been preserved. Her oeuvre covers many genres, from the miniature to the altarpiece. The subtitle is devoted to probably the most important guest in this exhibition. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was painted posthumously by Barbara Krafft. According to Nannerl Mozart’s testimony, this portrait is regarded as the truest of all Mozart portraits. Details


Where? Museum Niederösterreich/Haus der Geschichte
When? April 25, 2018- Jan 19, 2019

Eine Generation schreibt Geschichte. Halbstarke und Hippies, Generation alpha und Millenials. Jugend ist nicht nur “Objekt” von Geschichte, vielmehr macht sie selbst Geschichte. Sie hat ihre eigenen Traditionen, ihre eigenen Regeln und ihre eigene Form, sich mit der Gesellschaft auseinander zu setzen und diese zu verändern. Nur, wie tut sie das? Und welches Verhältnis hat die gegenwärtige Jugend zur Jugend früherer Zeiten? In der neuen Sonderausstellung im Haus der Geschichte berichten nicht Erwachsene über die Jugend, sondern Jugendliche über das Erwachsenwerden. Sie entscheiden, welche Fragen an die Geschichte ihnen aus der Perspektive ihrer Generation wichtig sind und welche Themen in welcher Form behandelt werden sollen. More

SCENOGRAPHY: HAYDN – Schüler, Lehrer, Wegbereiter

Where? Haydnhaus, Eisenstadt (AT)
Opening? March 29, 2019

Our second exhibition design for Haydnhaus, Eisenstadt this time focusing on composer Joseph Haydn’s various roles throughout his life Details


“What is the place of music in our society? How much is it still part of a classical education? To what extent does music provide a sense of identity? Who are the stereotypes who are intensively occupied with music? What drives them? The musical cosmos into which this exhibition transports us is anything but a mono-culture.” 1.000 squaremetres to look for a response – More…


Where? Haydnhaus, Eisenstadt (AT)
Opening? March 2018

A small and beautiful exhibition on composer Joseph Haydn’s trips from Vienna to London, project details


Where? Hofmobiliendepot
Opening: June 2018

A new look for Hofmobiliendepot’s Empire-Sammlung…


Where? EXPO Fairgrounds, Astana (Kasachstan)
When? June 10th-Sept. 10 2017

BWM Architekten/Julia Landsiedl+/Gerhard Bauer won! EXPO theme: Future Energy, Pavillon theme: With Brain, heart and human power! Details:

ON SHOW: 10 Years of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK feat. the City, NYC

Where? Austrian Cultural Forum, NYC
When? until Jan 2017

(…) a ten year retrospec­tive of Vienna’s largest and most influential design event, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. The multifaceted exhibition 10 Years of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK featuring the City will explore the history, structure, and impact of the non-profit event, which has brought renowned international designers to the city, provided a platform for the vanguard of Austria’s young designers, and pushed leading design out of Vienna’s galleries and into the streets of its outer districts.” More

EXHIBITION DESIGN: “GANZNAH”, Vorarlbergmuseum, Bregenz

Where? Vorarlbergmuseum, Bregenz (AT)
When? March 2016, On show: until 2019

Exhibition design + scenography for a permanent exhibition on the many faces of “touch” at Vorarlbergmuseum (Curators: Robert Gander, Bruno Winkler, Project Management: Theresia Anwander) Look at project details…

TALK at Kunstuni Linz

Where? Kunstuniversität Linz, Department for Grapic Design/ Photography
When? April 28 2016


Where? VDW, Ankerbrotfabrik, 1100 Vienna
When? Fr., October 2, 6.30 p.m.


Where? WIEN MITTE The Mall , Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1a, 1030 Vienna
Tours? Sept. 28, 4 p.m. and Sept. 29, 6 p.m. Start? Infopoint, EG

Please join us for one of two SHOPPING SPOTTING SAFARIS on foot. As a continuation of the original project for VIENNA BIENNALE, we will explore “dying” breeds of shoppers and more in THE MALL Wien Mitte:


Where? WIEN MITTE The Mall , Landstraßer Hauptst. 1a, 1030 Vienna
Opening? June 13th – Oct. 4th, 2015, daily 9a.m. -8 p.m.

The shopping mall as a consumption-free meeting space: The shopping mall is just one of many marketplaces whose business model is outmoded thanks to its focus on maximum consumption. To keep up with its online competition, the mall needs to offer social value added—that’s the scenario in this demonstrator. The installation allows “dying” breeds of shopper and their behavior to be observed within today’s merchadnise territory. Curators: Thomas Geisler, Harald Gründl, Kindly supported by WIEN MITTE, THE MALL. The project takes place as part of the VIENNA BIENNALE 2015: IDEAS FOR CHANGE

WORKSHOP: “LIGHT TO GO AND LIKE” at Long Night of Museums 2015

Where? Imperial Furniture Collection, Andreasgasse 7, 1070 Wien
When? Fr., October 3, 6-11 p.m.

Please join us for some tinkering in the context of the exhibition “Lightopia” during the ORF’s “Long Night of Museums”. We will be making face masks that glow in the dark. Details

INSTALLATION: “Bygone Bonbons”, Plovdiv (BU)

Where? Plovdiv, Bulgaria
When? June 19-26 2015

An invitation to re-create the installation “Bygone Bonbons” for ONE DESIGN WEEK in Bulgaria, a playful project originally developed for Designblok, Prague’s Design and Fashion Week in 2014, supported by Bundeskanzleramt

EXHIBITION + WORKSHOP: Design Dialogues: Austria – South Africa (AT, RSA)

Where? Capetown, South Africa + Designforum Vienna
When? Oct.-Dec. 2014 (Capetown), Jan. 29 - March 8 (Designforum Vienna)

“Imperial Breakfast” and “Old pot, new top” travelled to South Africa and back to Austria. In order to promote direct exchange South African designers Atang Tshikare and Nawaaz Sadulker joined Valentin Vodev und Julia Landsiedl in Vienna to develop and realise a new project together. Curator: Maciej Chmara

TALK: “SCHNITTSTELLE”, University of Art and Design Linz (AT)

Where? Kunstuniversität Linz, Institute for Visual Communication
When? March 25th 2015, 6.30 p.m.

EXHIBITION: “The Perfect Paper Household”, Imperial Furniture Collection (AT)

Where? Hofmobiliendepot, Vienna (AT)
Opening? 23 Sept 2014, On Show? 24 Sept. 2014 - 11 Jan. 2015

“The Perfect Paper Household. Upper middle-class life at the time of Mozart” is an exhibition at the Imperial Furniture Collection/Furniture Museum Vienna – with the “Augsburger Klebealbum”, a minutely detailed “doll house” in book form at its core. Exhibition Design: Julia Landsiedl +, Graphic Design: Cora Akdogan, Curator: Regina Kaltenbrunner