Design Audience

in a Retirement Residence

“My apartment is a bodouir.” (Mrs. P.)
“My apartment is an office.” (Mrs. W.)
“My apartment is an apartment.” (Mrs. F.)

What happens when your suddenly have to leave your appartement for good? When your living space shrinks to a few square feet? What do you leave behind, what do you bring along, and why? Visitors were invited to visit three appartements in a senior residence and discuss these questions with their inhabitants Mrs. F., Mrs. W. and Mrs. P.. A following reception and photo exhibition challenged visitor’s stereotypes about age.

Why do three women, who each moved from their flat to a 1-room-apartment in a senior residence, have such differing definitions of the same space? We explored this over the course of 3 months. (Team: Kathrina Dankl, Lisa Hampel, Photos: Martin Stoebich).

Design Research, Intervention
Kuratorium Wiener Pensionistenhäuser/VDW