Wondrous Cabinet of Globes

true emotions, fake snow

Each of my snow globes is a world of its own...
(Erwin Perzy III, snow globe producer, 3rd generation)

In 1900 Viennese Erwin Perzy I. created the first snow globe. His family has been producing snow globes in Vienna ever since. Popular favorites include peaceful motives like teddybears, the Eiffel Tower or Santa Claus; "guns, violence and pollution" are not admitted inside of the glass, according to the current "king of snow globes", EP III. The family’s best kept secret is "the recipe for the snow". The installation, part laboratory, part cabinet of curiosities, explores the snow globes’ actual + potential ingredients, its meaning to enthusiastic collectors + its enigmatic creator’s secret... (Photos: kramar/kollektiv fischka; On show: VDW (AT), "WerkStadt Vienna. Design Engaging The City" (FI, I, AT), 2012/13)

walk in installation
Vienna Design Week (WKO)

...ohne Umweltverschmutzung, Mord und Totschlag?