The Great Viennese Café – I

a laboratory

What are a Viennese coffeehouse's essentials? Marble tables? Thonet coat racks? Grumpy old waiters? The melange they serve? What will this institution's role (and look) be in the future? Who will be its guests?

During the research phase the exhibition space is turned into a gigantic three dimensional pinboard/mindmap, assembling different aspects and elements of a coffehouse. Visitors are encouraged to add their own ideas to the cardboard. The result? A research and carefully assembled space in progress – to inspire future concrete designs (Design Curator: Thomas Geisler, Experiment Director: Gregor Eichinger, Photos: kramar/kollektiv fischka).

exhibition design, design research
MAK, Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art
2011 (as designer in residence)