My Youth – Your Youth

History in the making

Hippies vs. generation selfie, shared phone lines vs. smartphones, The Who vs. YouTube stars – each young generation has its own ideas about shaping society. This exhibition takes a look at youth culture since 1945 and asks what is similar, what is different. A phone booth, snaps of teen rooms, a self-constructed moped – the exhibition stirs memories of one’s youth. It becomes especially fascinating when old and young walk through the exhibition together. Teens learn about their parents’ and grandparents’ wild years, and grown-ups learn what it’s like to be a teenager today. The focus of the dialog is the question of what interests young people today. Over 100 young people decided which questions should be asked about history and the present. The result: 13 topics, ranging from fashion to body image to recreational activities. Interactive stations spark an exchange of opinions, memories and anecdotes (Kuratoren: Christian Rapp, Anna Kieninger, Andrea Thuile, Benedikt Vogl + rund 100 Jugendliche, Grafik: maupi | experience design, Fotos © Daniel Hinterramskogler).

exhibition design, scenography
Museum NÖ, Haus der Geschichte