Barbara Krafft

Portraitist of Mozart's time

The Salzburg Museum owns an outstanding and very comprehensive collection of works by the portraitist Barbara Krafft. As an artist unrivalled by her peers during her lifetime, it has been the museum’s long cherished wish to devote a solo exhibition to her. Works from all stations in Barbara Krafft’s life, Vienna – Salzburg – Prague – Salzburg – Bamberg, were assembled in the exhibition along original costumes, jewellery and eyeryday objects of that time. The subtitle is devoted to probably the most important guest in this exhibition: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was painted posthumously by Barbara Krafft. Colour concept and the wallpapers, specifically designed for the exhibition, are interpretations of the original paintings on display. They try to be a subtle, contemporary framework for the painter’s delicate work and reflect her artistic development over the course of her life.

Exhibition Design (Scenography, Graphic Design)