against a musical mono-culture

We encounter music everywhere: in the classroom, workshop, salon and concert hall. In all these spaces where people enjoy an intense experience of music either individually or collectively, we encounter them, the stereotypes: teachers, pupils, experts, stars, fans. It is the interaction between these different stereotypes which created our musical culture, whose rituals and conventions in many cases we accept today unquestioningly. Such stereotypes also founded and sustained the Innsbruck Musikverein, whose 200th anniversary this exhibition is celebrating. Visitors to the show, even stereotypes who have been subject to widely different musical influences, are invited to seek out and question their place in these music rooms. What is the place of music in our society? How much is it still part of a classical education? To what extent does music provide a sense of identity? Who are the stereotypes who are intensively occupied with music? What drives them? The musical cosmos into which this exhibition transports us is anything but a mono-culture (Curators: Dr. Franz Gratl, MMag. Andreas Holzmann; Assistance: Marie Nemeth, Silvia Stocker; Graphic Design: Irene Daz, Fotos: TLM/Wolfgang Lackner). Visit

Exhibition design
Tiroler Landesmuseum, Ferindandeum

ZU BEGEHEN: Musikunterrichtszimmer, Werkstatt, Künstlerzimmer, KonzertsaaL und Salon